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Every Morning

When I wake up, I wonder what the day will bring. As I yawn and stretch, I remind myself that joy is somewhere today, “Don’t worry, be patient I say to myself, It will show up.”   

This morning, I was half in and half out of bed, and I looked for some light, both emotionally and physically.  In doing so, I found the blinds and opened them to peek outside.  Sometime the night before, the neighbor put a huge lawn ornament out their deck that said…JOY. It set the tone for the rest of the day.

Every day is a scavenger hunt for joy, a fun one because mostly it's me sitting still in my Chair of Joy™ and working it out. The best part is it is completely free.

When I Was 8

My brother broke my nose because he was angry. He wanted me to play baseball with him. I didn’t want to as I was building moats around my sandcastle under the tree that July afternoon. The trauma for this was interesting and long. It sent me on a search. No matter how far down the road to success I got, I somehow could not find happiness and keep it. I found myself being frustrated, angry, sad and sometimes I just wanted to quit. Oftentimes I did. Would this search go on forever? It seems like the more gurus I read, the more classes I bought, the more meditation I did, the more confusing it all became. 


I have known Randy for a few months. Not well, just in passing at the vintage shop, he owns where I share some of my arts and crafts. Randy is always pleasant.  

Something clicked in me when I walked past him. I needed to ask him to have a JOY CONVERSATION with me. I wanted to check with him about where he is with this concept, who he is, get deeper, ask the questions that are important. I wanted to give him the gift of joy, possibly.

Randy, come sit down in The Chair of Joy™.  I would love to ask you a few questions. It's fun, I promise. 

Who me, he says, me? Are you sure you want me?  

Yes you, I am 100% sure.

Come, sit. Sit down in The Chair of Joy™.

Randy lost his joy, but you would never know it. He's a successful businessman, running a retail vintage store, hard worker, pastor of a large church, father of 5 children, grandpa of many. Friend to all who meet him. The kindest, dearest gentleman who aims to please and does so.

I know his joy is in there, deep down, buried, all but forgotten.

My thoughts were...

He has a nice smile, but it is pursed, a little painful.  I wonder if he is in pain, his back maybe… I see your smile Randy, I see how hard you work, but why, is what I think. Why do You come to the shop and take care of everyone in your path.  I can hear you, but I can’t feel you. You are so far away. Please come back. Please let the light shine on your joy that is buried so deep. Let yourself feel again, let your heart and soul have peace again. Release the stress, give it back to the universe, it's not that hard. Life is not meant to be that hard.

Wait, wait. Still thinking to myself… I am that light Randy, I am one source of joy, please let me shine the light of joy on you.


Will you Sit in the The Chair of Joy™ Randy?

He sits in the chair. You can see him get swallowed up in the mammoth size of it… he is so uncomfortable, for a minute. 

I say you look good, it's comfortable huh? Kind of fun even...It looks good on you Randy. Just relax, the next few minutes are just about you.

He has got the biggest grin on his face, it sparks my joy!

I say you are always the one shining the light on others, taking care of all those who cross your path every day.

He said, yes, there are many. I am never the one that is the center of attention. 

I think to myself, what does he do with all that energy and emotion that comes his way, I bet he does not walk or take any time for himself at all.  He is busy providing, and comforting, always.   When does he take time for joy, refresh, feed his soul, do the things he loves, bask in the glory of all that he has created.

He says, I am NOT the one in the spotlight, or in front of the camera, it's the brides and grooms that I wed…and his mind drifts off for a second, I am sure he is thinking of all the responsibility he has. 

Again, he shifts his weight, having someone take the time to look directly at him, into his eyes, unwavering and asking him questions, having him be the center of attention. It is a lot all at once.  He is always giving, giving, giving, giving and exhausted from giving or at least that I am sensing...and observing. 

I ask him to take a deep breath. What was one time/place that gave you joy Randy?

And we begin.

After Our Conversation

He says, When you do this, do people cry? His eyes were slightly welled up. Thank you, Sheryl for helping me remember. Randy and I just a had a conversation. I was able to lead him to the point of transformation where he could re-discover joy for himself. Is it possible that I can help you catch a glimpse of the fact that there is joy to be rediscovered and that you already are equipped with everything you need? There is nothing to buy and to sell.


I saw Lisa In a zoom meeting in one of my amazing network groups. I remember thinking, she is so professional, articulate and poised. This woman really has it all together.

And then, we connected on the phone. We talked about the usual things when you are getting to know each other, and yet I could feel there was so much more.

She agreed to a JOY CONVERSATION in The Chair of Joy™ with me. Much to my surprise, As I am listening, it's clear that Lisa is really kind, and warm-hearted, and super funny.

Watching her light up as she described the laughter she enjoyed while enjoying her children at the dinner table, and her wild description of her feisty 95-year-old Grandma was just delightful. Lisa told me about her Chair of Joy™ out on the deck, the one she rarely sits on. She said her work in the corporate world took away from her exercise and her overall well being. It was a lot to juggle everything in recent days and months. Watch a little of our conversation.

Dawn Kirk

Bold, brilliant, and best practice driven, Dawn Kirk was a delight to speak with. After reading her book, Heartbeat Leadership, I wanted to learn about the woman behind one of Georgia’s 100 most powerful and Influential women. My question was how does a woman who has spent 26 years of corporate leadership including a role as Vice President of Sales and Operations for the Southeast at Coca-Cola Refreshments, who managed a team of over 5,000 associates with revenue of over $2.8B, still lead a joyful life?

Dawn is one of those women who truly has it all together. And yet, with all of her success, I was curious about her joy and how she celebrated each day. As our conversation quickly became about her and her compassion towards people, how she goes above and beyond and is a servant to everyone who crosses her path.

She said, the truth is, with the new book, I have been so busy, I really need to improve on relaxing into my joy and really seeing the amazing accomplishments over the years, but even just today.


She told me about her beautiful chair where she sits once a day, in the morning when it's quiet and how the rest of the day is action-packed.

She agreed she had so much joy in her life that taking time to reflect upon it was definitely something she wanted to do more, because she needed it badly.


Leaders of Joy

Even the most successful, published authors, corporate executives, accomplished people in the world, often need gentle reminders that joy is within, and to take the time to learn the framework of how to put joy back in their lives.

Please take our joy quiz and let's get started on your journey to joy, the joy you are meant to feel, experience, and live fully every day.

Believe Me

Believe me, I know, sustainable happiness is not easy. The best part, it is not even
important. We invite you to get on the journey of joy with us today. You can start just
by taking the Quiz of Joy. It takes practice, but joy is truly so simple for me, for you
and for everyone. And sometimes it shows up in the form of a lawn ornament.  
Let’s have a real JOY CONVERSATION, just you and me.
I would be honored.

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